Every year more and more Erasmus students choose Barcelona to study higher education. So much so that, little by little, it has become one of the favourite cities of young Europeans. Do you want to know why?

There are many attractions in this city, but among the main ones are some of the best universities in Europe, the language, the lifestyle, the warmth of the people and the beach. If you plan to do a year of Erasmus studies, don’t miss these reasons to do it in Barcelona.

1. Renowned universities waiting for you

In Barcelona, you will find two of the most prestigious and renowned universities in Spain. The University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Both are ranked in the 250 Best Universities in the World by QS World University Rankings every year.

There are also other university institutions with an excellent reputation such as:

  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Pompeu Fabra University
  • ESADE Business & Law School
  • IESE Business School

They all welcome Erasmus students and offer programmes in English to facilitate communication. Studying in Barcelona is a great opportunity to get a certification from one of these great universities.

2. Experience a unique culture in Spain

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. A region where not only Spanish but also Catalan is spoken. The locals take great pride in being from there, as well as in their language, culture and food.

It is a lively city, as it is one of the most important in the country. During the evenings, you’ll enjoy the nightlife, which is full of bars and restaurants. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is always room to enjoy a coffee with friends. If you like this city lifestyle, you will love coming to study in Barcelona.

3. Everyone is welcome

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where everyone is used to living with foreigners. Different cultures and nationalities live here, so you won’t feel so strange talking to other people in the streets.

Moreover, it’s common for Catalans to speak English too, so you won’t have any major communication problems if you don’t speak Spanish so well.

4. Indulge in the food

Foodies love Barcelona for its diversity of traditional dishes. For an authentic Catalan experience, we recommend eating in the typical restaurants.

Also, if you miss the food of your home country or want to vary your diet, Barcelona is such an international city that you’re sure to find restaurants with food from other countries to try.

5. Enjoy Sundays at the beach

Studying in Barcelona has the advantage that you’ll be very close to the beach. There is no better plan than enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the beach before getting back to your routine on Monday.
On the coast, the atmosphere tends to be very youthful, so you’ll feel at ease. You can also rent a bike and take a ride along the beach.

6. Live in a perfect climate

Barcelona has a pleasant climate all year round. In general, it is a sunny climate that prevails almost all year round, so you will see the terraces of cafés and bars full of people. People also enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, walking in the parks and visiting the beach.

Only between November and February do temperatures drop, giving way to cold and rainy weather. It’s the perfect balance, and those from countries with colder climates enjoy it very much.

7. Unbeatable location

Barcelona is a city that is easily connected to other countries. You can get there by car, bus, train, plane or even boat depending on where you are coming from. You can even compare different means of transport and choose the cheapest way to get there.

This privileged location will allow you to come and go from your country without any problems, and it will be easy for your family and friends to visit you. Another advantage is that from here you could also visit other European countries easily.

8. Discover all the tourist attractions

Another aspect that Erasmus students like the most is that Barcelona is full of tourist destinations and cultural attractions. There are many places to visit, so you will always have a plan with something new to do and discover in the city.

Camp Nou Stadium, Sagrada Familia, Park Güell… are some of the most popular places we recommend you to visit. For these reasons and more, studying in Barcelona will be a great experience that you will love.

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