The best student residences are those that are “study-oriented”. That is to say, those that have been designed and created in a strategic location with an environment equipped with everything necessary for residents to feel comfortable while studying.

This design ranges from creating dedicated study areas with a desk, ergonomic chair and space for all their materials, to providing amenities that relieve them of chores such as cooking and cleaning.

At LIV Student, our priority is for residents to have nothing to worry about other than their studies. That’s why we offer quiet environments, fully equipped study areas, a fast internet connection and all the services they need to make university their focus.

Find out more about our study-oriented student residences below:

Quiet and peaceful environment

In student halls of residence, it is important that peace and quiet predominate. Even if there are spaces for fun and entertainment, noise should not disturb those in their rooms or in the other common areas of the building.

That is why we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions when you visit the residence where you plan to stay:

  • How soundproof is the study room from other areas that may generate noise?
  • What kind of events are usually held in the residence hall?
  • Are these types of events supervised by the building staff?
  • How far away are the event spaces from the rooms?

Talking to the staff about these concerns will give you an idea of the day-to-day atmosphere in the building. You could also take a tour to see how the residents live and how calm the atmosphere is.

Private study spaces

A good student residence should offer you a space to concentrate in private. This space is usually located inside your room and consists of a desk and a comfortable chair with back support.

Here you can prop up your laptop while you work on university homework, do homework and read. The desk should be large enough to keep your books, notebooks and university materials close at hand.

At LIV Student, most of them have storage space on the side for this reason. We also include a desk lamp so you can illuminate whatever you’re working on and a note board on your desk so you can keep all your to-dos in sight.

This private study space is essential for any university student. You won’t always be in the mood to study with friends or do your homework in cafeterias or libraries. Plus, some assignments require you to concentrate without distractions, something you can only achieve in private spaces like this.

Public study spaces

Private study spaces are just as important as public ones. Sometimes you may want to stay in your room undisturbed, and sometimes you may prefer to have the company of a few friends. For that reason, the best student residences offer both scenarios.

Among the common areas of the residence, you will find a study room equipped with large tables and comfortable chairs to share space with other residents. This environment is perfect for making study time more enjoyable.

Here you can read, do homework, use your laptop and anything else that has to do with your university responsibilities. It can even become a meeting point with your friends in the building to support each other while you each do your homework.

Guaranteed internet connectivity

All study-oriented halls of residence offer good internet connectivity. As a university student, you will spend a lot of time online doing research, reading, downloading files, watching pre-recorded lectures and more.

For you to do all of that without any problems, it’s essential to have access to a fast WiFi network. And above all, one that you can connect to from your room, the study room and any corner of the residence hall. This will make your life easier than you can imagine.

All services included

One of the advantages of living in a study-oriented residence hall is that they offer services so that residents do not have to take care of anything else but their university duties.

This involves room cleaning services, towel and bed linen changes and meals. Another useful service is laundry service, as they do not have to leave the residence to find a place to wash their clothes.

In general, study-oriented halls of residence are those that facilitate the daily routine of the residents. The aim is to make their studies the focus of their attention, free them from distractions and provide them with a comfortable and pleasant living environment.

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