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LIV STUDENT is the VALEO MANAGEMENT brand of student residences, offering students en-suite accommodation, common spaces, and services, with a very careful design for the best student experience. We create unique communities where students live and grow during their years at university. We also offer events related to the academic world, well-being, and personal and intellectual development.

VALEO MANAGEMENT is the management branch of VALEO GROUPE, a Group that is dedicated to the development, construction, and management of student residences, as well as complexes and residences for the elderly around the world. In the Iberian peninsular we operate through our subsidiary Valeo Management Spain.

VALEO GROUPE has promoted, together with one of the leading banking entities in Spain, an Investment Fund that develops student residences in the main university cities of Spain and Portugal through different companies created for each project, providing advice on the development and operational management to the management branch of VALEO GROUPE, that is, VALEO MANAGEMENT.

About LIV Student

LIV STUDENT offers an experience that gives each resident the chance to have a good time, creating lasting memories of their time as a student. We do this by offering them a unique cultural and residential experience, framed in perfectly-designed functional facilities, so the student can achieve their maximum potential and well-being.

VALEO GROUPE‘s global focus is to leave communities better than they found them, with an unwavering commitment to the customer experience, driven by their culture and teams.

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Mission, vision, purpose and values


To empower students to live their most successful lives through the delivery of beautifully designed accommodation and spaces augmented by excellent service with spirit and passion.


To deliver spirited, authentic and exceptional accommodation, amenities and service for the next generation of students.


Support and inspire students to live the university experience to the fullest, thanks to thoughtful designed facilities, in the best locations, focusing on their well-being.

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