Studying in Barcelona is the perfect balance between receiving a world-class education and enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle. The city is not only home to some of Spain’s best universities, but is also the business heart of the country.

When you study in Barcelona, you will enjoy a cosmopolitan city, rich in culture and full of friendly people who will give you the best welcome. All this means that every year thousands of students from different cities and countries choose this destination to study at university.

If you are thinking of studying in Barcelona, what we will tell you will ensure that you are making the best decision:

A university town with tradition

Barcelona is one of the oldest university cities in Spain and Europe. One of its most outstanding universities, the University of Barcelona, has a history of more than 500 years.

Moreover, according to QS Best Student Cities 2022, Barcelona is the best university city in Spain due to the quality of education and the role of its universities on the international scene.

In this city, the academic relevance of the universities attracts both students and the best specialists and professors in the country. Can you imagine being part of this prestigious community?

Low living expenses

If you come from another European country, you will be surprised at the cost of studying in Barcelona. Compared to other major European cities, Barcelona offers a more affordable and just as unforgettable lifestyle.

When you add up the costs of rent, food, transport and utilities; you will see that it costs less than Paris, Berlin and London. That’s why foreign students really enjoy the experience of living in Barcelona.

Moreover, here you will find public universities that offer not only first-class education, but also lower tuition fees.

Variety of international programmes

Barcelona is a city that receives hundreds of foreign students every year, as well as international professors.

For this reason, there are also various international programmes that you can apply for. The fields of study are very varied. You will find courses in engineering, history, economics, film, political science and more.

You should also know that Barcelona is an important centre for the arts in Europe. As such, universities offer programmes in design, architecture, theatre, film and more. The best thing about studying any of these programmes in Barcelona is that you will also find excellent job opportunities.

Cosmopolitan spirit

Barcelona is a city open to foreigners. It not only welcomes students from other countries but also professionals and entrepreneurs. That’s why the locals are used to dealing with foreigners.

In fact, many people have a good command of English, so they use this language to communicate when they notice that someone is not fluent in Spanish. In short, a hospitable and positive attitude is something that defines the Catalans and makes foreigners feel good.

The Mediterranean sun and sea

Studying in Barcelona is a real pleasure. And not only because of what we have mentioned, but also because it is a coastal city with beautiful beaches and good weather. In summer, you’ll feel like you’re in a holiday city.

People are starting to go to the beach, to the parks and to do more outdoor activities. Restaurants take advantage of this season to fill their terraces with life and offer the best Catalan gastronomy.

Even in winter the temperature is not as freezing as in other European cities, so the city is usually pleasant all year round.

Iconic architecture

If there is one thing the world knows about Barcelona, it is Gaudís incredible architecture. This distinguished architect is responsible for the city’s most iconic structures:

  • The Sagrada Familia (Holy Family Church)
  • Park Güell
  • The Güell Palace
  • The Batlló House
  • Vicens House
  • The Teresian School
  • La Casa Milà
  • The Calvet House

These works are surprising both for their façades and their interior design. You will surely have already heard about the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, as they are its most famous works.

However, you should know that you can also enter the other buildings. Especially because some of them function as museums in which Gaudí’s art is exhibited.

Accommodation for students

As in any university city, student accommodation in Barcelona is plentiful. You’ll find everything from rented rooms to shared flats. However, if you’re looking for comfort and convenience during your years of study, student residences are for you.

The best options you’ll find are LIV Student residences. One is located on Carrer Puigcerdá in 22@ and the other on Passatge de Ricard Zamora. Both offer all the services you’ll need to feel comfortable while you get to know the city and familiarise yourself with the university.

If you have the opportunity to study in Barcelona, don’t think twice. This cosmopolitan city is waiting to show you a world of opportunities and a lifestyle that you will love.

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