Staying in the same place all the time tends to be boring and monotonous. That’s why some students like to go to cafeterias and libraries to read or do homework. The change of environment often makes them feel more motivated than in the usual place.

Fortunately, in the LIV Student residence, you will find several interesting places to study. Thanks to that, you won’t have to go out in search of a coffee shop with WiFi to regain your mood and motivation.

Your room

This first place is the most obvious. In your room, you will always have the privacy you need to concentrate and do your university homework in silence.

At LIV Student, we include a specially designed space to facilitate your study hours. It is equipped with a desk, an ergonomic chair, storage space for your books and materials, and a note board.

The aim of this space is to keep everything organised and close at hand. Plus, you can spend as much time as necessary doing your homework without ending up with back pain or other discomforts that come from not having the right furniture.

In your room, you can even read a book in bed wearing the most comfortable clothes. This will be your most private study space, so it will always be your first choice.

Living room in your shared flat

When living in a shared flat, you will be able to enjoy the living room. This is a good place to read and do some homework on your laptop. You’ll have a large, soft sofa to lean on, plus a coffee table to put your things on.

One of the advantages of using this living room as a study area is that it is inside your flat. Therefore, it also protects your privacy and gives you the freedom to dress more comfortably than you would outside.

However, as it is a shared space, it is likely that one of your roommates will occupy it before you. Or they may want to watch TV while you read. That’s why the study room in the building will always be available to you.

Study lounge

The study room is another space we have designed to make you feel comfortable while you do homework, read or study. It is part of the common areas of the building and in it, you will find large tables to share with other residents.

It is a good place to do homework while enjoying the company of other people. It also allows you to leave the monotony of your room or the living room of your flat.

Here you will have WiFi connection, comfortable chairs, good lighting and accessible power sockets to plug in your laptop charger if necessary. Overall, it provides a very similar experience to being in a library, as those attending tend to be quiet and talk in hushed tones.

Common room

In case you don’t live in a shared flat but in a single studio and feel like sitting on a sofa and reading, we recommend you visit the common living room. It is located a few steps away from the study room and is also part of the shared areas of the building.

In this room, you will find comfortable sofas, as well as coffee tables to put your things on. Here you also have the option of working on your laptop if you like, although you would have to rest it on your lap.

As with the lounges in the shared flats, these are spaces for all residents. This means that while you are there, some students may come in to chat. Therefore, we recommend this place to do tasks that don’t require too much concentration or silence.


In case you need a breath of fresh air, the rooftop of the building is another great place to do homework and study. Here you will find tables and chairs under large fabric umbrellas where you can enjoy the cool evenings and sunsets while doing your homework.

It is one of the most pleasant places in the student residence, as you can feel the wind and enjoy the pleasant climate. We recommend this place to read some books and take notes.

Swimming pool

As on the roof terrace, near the swimming pool there are also some tables and chairs with umbrellas for shade. This is also a good place to read a book while enjoying the view of the pool, the weather and the fresh air.

As you can see, in the student residence you will not only be able to do homework in your room. You can also take advantage of other spaces in your shared flat or the common areas of the building to get away from the monotony and boredom.

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