For those admitted to the Erasmus program, student residences are the best option for accommodation in Granada. These spaces are designed so that foreigners have the opportunity to meet other students from different cities and countries.

They also offer facilities designed for study and concentration, as well as leisure and entertainment. In addition, it provides them with all the services and amenities to guarantee the maximum enjoyment of their new university experience. 

Learn about all the advantages of staying in a student residence as an Erasmus student:

Advantages of living in a student residence as an Erasmus student

Support and companionship

Most of the Erasmus students who come to Granada have never visited the city before, so they do not have friends and do not know where to go beyond the university. 

Generally, the process of adjusting to the new environment is a bit awkward. Especially when they live alone in a rented apartment. Instead, by living in a student residence, they will keep in touch with university students from other countries and cities who are also new to Granada. 

They will even be able to meet other students that are one or two years older, who will be willing to show them around the city or give them tips on what places to visit, how to get there, etc. These first meetings are of great help so that they feel supported and in good company. 

Less to worry about

Many Erasmus students travel to Granada to get to know the culture, learn the language, make friends, and have a unique experience in another country. In student residences, this is very clear, so they focus on providing all the necessary services so that they do not have to worry about anything else.

That is why they provide a dining and cafeteria service, laundry and cleaning, as well as offering common areas for study, rest, and leisure, for example: 

  • Study, games, and living rooms
  • Karaoke
  • Pool
  • Rooftop
  • Gardens
  • Gym

In this way, Erasmus students do not need to cook or clean but rather focus on their studies and enjoying their time in the city. 

When comparing the services, facilities and amenities offered by student residences with those offered by a shared flat or other accommodation; it is clear that university students live with more peace of mind in a residence hall.

Especially because in other places they will have to take on tasks like paying utility bills, cooking, and cleaning, as well as studying and trying to have a little social life.

Spaces for studying

One of the main objectives of Erasmus students is to have the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the city they visit. For this reason, the majority aim for the University of Granada.

The academic achievements you make at university can be very rewarding once you are back in your country, so staying focused on studying is important. 

In student residences, as Erasmus students you will have spaces designed to help you concentrate and study in peace. In your room, you will find a desk accompanied by a study chair and a desk lamp. There you will be able to do homework, readings, and essays; in addition to storing your books, pens, diary, and computer. 

And in case you want a change of scenery, in the common areas of the building, there will be a study room where students meet to do homework and study in a quiet atmosphere. 

If you think about it, very few accommodations usually offer spaces like this.

More chance to learn

Another aspect that attracts Erasmus students to residences are the activities and events that are always taking place. Many of them are masterclasses, conferences, and workshops on various topics that contribute to the personal growth of residents. 

They even teach them new practical skills related to music, theatre, art, and cooking.

However, not all events are supposed to be educational. You can also enjoy recreational and leisure activities such as yoga and Zumba classes.

Developing social skills

Living in a student residence means meeting other university students on a daily basis, whether in the corridors, the lift, the common areas, the entrance, etc.

Each encounter is an opportunity to talk and make friends, so that little by little students improve their communication skills, listen to each other, reach agreements, and solve problems. 

These social skills are very useful for Erasmus students since they are alone in another country and must learn to establish close relationships with those around them. Thus, they always have someone to count on if necessary. 

There is no doubt that if you want to live a unique and enriching university experience like Erasmus in Granada, staying in a student residence is the first step.

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