Granada is not only home to one of the most recognised universities in Spain, the University of Granada, It is also the heart of Spanish university life. Students there have the opportunity to enjoy flamenco, tapas bars, great landscapes, and many cultural events. 

In general, city trade revolves around student life, which is why you can see many cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the main streets. Likewise, there are also libraries, bookstores, cultural centres, and museums.

That is why, for students, Granada is one of the cities that boasts the perfect balance between good academic offerings and leisure. Discover everything that awaits you!

Scenery and activities of all kinds

Granada has it all. It is a small city; very easy to get around using public transport. Among its streets, you will find buildings of medieval architecture that captivate newcomers’ attention.

The most interesting thing, however, is that you will be very close to both the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean coast, which is ideal for adventurers, hikers, and beach lovers alike. 

On the other hand, Granada is surrounded by towns that have a wide range of sports and leisure activities. This means that you can enjoy mountain sports such as:

  • Snowboard 
  • Hiking 
  • Rock climbing 
  • Skiing

Or if you prefer, water sports such as: 

  • Windsurfing
  • Waterskiing
  • Kayaking

Each place offers cultural diversity and impressive landscapes, so every time you have the opportunity to escape to these towns you will live enriching and unforgettable experiences.

Tapas bars

The Albaicín is one of the largest and most iconic neighbourhoods in Granada. It is very popular because it is at the foot of the great Alhambra palace. However, while tourists fill its streets during the day, students do so at night.

There are several tapas bars worth visiting here. Especially when the sun goes down and the atmosphere is good for chatting and relaxing with friends. Most of these bars have outdoor spaces and are adorned with that classic architecture that makes them cozy.

What’s more, for about 2-3€, you can order the best tapas in Granada accompanied by a glass of wine, a beer, or a soft drink. 

Espectáculos de flamenco

You cannot live in Andalusia without enjoying a traditional flamenco show. Most of these shows start at 9:00 pm and last approximately 1 hour and a half.  

You can see them in some bars and restaurants that have large outdoor spaces. Generally, the dancers perform on an elevated stage in front of the audience spread over tables. The good thing about this is that you can have dinner or tapas during the show. 

The best-known places to see authentic flamenco performances are:

  • El Albaicín 
  • Plaza de Toros 
  • The Historic Centre
  • Sacromonte


Granada’s nightlife scene is one of the best in Andalusia. And to a large extent, this is thanks to its large student population. From Friday to Sunday, the university students fill the bars and nightclubs of the city. 

Venues offer live music, nightclubs turn on their best lights, and cocktail bars open their doors wide. It is then when tourists, locals, and university students come together in the streets, in search of a moment of fun and entertainment. 

The busiest areas are usually:

  • Plaza Nueva: full of restaurants and tapas bars that attract those who want to have fun without losing their minds.
  • Calle Elvira: the perfect place for those who party and seek vibrant environments.
  • Pedro Antonio de Alarcón: this is the heart of student nightlife. You will find bars, clubs, and above all, very cheap prices compared to the tourist areas of the city.
  • Albaicín: a quiet neighborhood with the best tapas in Granada
  • Plaza de Toros: here you will hear various musical genres, so there is space for people of all ages.
  • Campo del Príncipe: This is one of the most charming areas of the city. At night, it becomes the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or an outing with friends.

Cultural spaces

In Granada, festivals and cultural activities are held throughout the year. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • International Festival of Music and Dance
  • International Theatre Festival
  • Alhambra Sound Music Festival
  • Zaidín Rock Festival
  • International Poetry Festival
  • International Young Directors Festival

There are also a wide variety of museums to visit, each with a different theme for lovers of history, science and culture. These are the ones that you cannot miss while studying in Granada:

  • Science Park
  • Sacromonte Museum
  • San Juan de Dios Museum
  • Alhambra Museum
  • Garcia Lorca House Museum
  • Royal Chapel Museum
  • Archeological Museum

Given all these possibilities, there is no way you will get bored choosing Granada as your next student destination.

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