Best places to study in a student residence

Best places to study in a student residence.

Staying in the same place all the time tends to be boring and monotonous. That’s why some students like to go to cafeterias and libraries to read or do homework. The change of environment often makes them feel more motivated than in the usual place. Fortunately, in the LIV Student residence, you will find several […]

Studying in Seville, a city full of history and art

Studying in Seville, a city full of history and art.

Seville is the fourth largest capital city in Spain. It is home to a wealth of history, art and culture that enchants everyone who visits it. Therefore, it is not surprising that hundreds of young people choose to study in Seville every year. It is a charming city because of its relaxed atmosphere, the friendliness […]

What does a study-oriented student residence look like?

What does a study-oriented student residence look like.

The best student residences are those that are “study-oriented”. That is to say, those that have been designed and created in a strategic location with an environment equipped with everything necessary for residents to feel comfortable while studying. This design ranges from creating dedicated study areas with a desk, ergonomic chair and space for all […]

What an ideal university student’s room looks like

What an ideal university student's room looks like.

A university student’s room should suit their needs and their new lifestyle. It should be both well-designed in terms of space and useful areas, and well equipped with a comfortable bed and a study area. University students spend a lot of time in their rooms. Resting, doing homework, studying… That’s why it’s important that they […]

8 reasons to study in Barcelona as Erasmus

8 razones para estudiar en Barcelona como Erasmus.

Every year more and more Erasmus students choose Barcelona to study higher education. So much so that, little by little, it has become one of the favourite cities of young Europeans. Do you want to know why? There are many attractions in this city, but among the main ones are some of the best universities […]