Student residences in Spain

Todo lo que hay que saber sobre residencias de estudiantes en España.

After you have been accepted by the university, the next step is to find a good student residence to live in. In Spain, you will find different options. Each one with its pros and cons, as well as its own characteristics and particular things to offer. Choosing between so many options can be difficult. Especially […]

Erasmus in a Granada student residence

Granada, ciudad perfecta para erasmus

For those admitted to the Erasmus program, student residences are the best option for accommodation in Granada. These spaces are designed so that foreigners have the opportunity to meet other students from different cities and countries. They also offer facilities designed for study and concentration, as well as leisure and entertainment. In addition, it provides […]

Granada, city of student leisure

Granada, ciudad de ocio para universitarios.

Granada is not only home to one of the most recognised universities in Spain, the University of Granada, It is also the heart of Spanish university life. Students there have the opportunity to enjoy flamenco, tapas bars, great landscapes, and many cultural events.  In general, city trade revolves around student life, which is why you […]

Sending your child to a student residence

Enviar a tu hija a una residencia de estudiantes.

Starting university means a big change in your child’s lifestyle. To help ensure that the transition does not affect their academic performance, it is important to choose the right accommodation. Among all, student residences are one of the options that offers the greatest benefits and amenities. Find out why. Living together The student residences are […]

Student life in Granada

Conoce la vida de un estudiante de Granada.

Granada is known as one of the university cities of Spain. The main reason is that students represent a significant percentage of the population. In addition, it is home to one of the most important universities in the country: the University of Granada. Living in this beautiful city located in eastern Andalusia is quite an […]

Differences between a student residence and sharing a flat

Elegir entre Residencia de Estudiantes o Piso e Estudiantes

Student residences and shared flats are two favourite accommodation options for university students. On the one hand, student residences are designed to accommodate students and provide them with all the comforts they need to enjoy their university life. And on the other, shared flats imply a room for each student and the distribution of the […]

How to choose a good student residence in Granada

Consejos para elegir Universidad en Granada.

Finding a student residence in Granada is the first step to start your university life on the right foot. To make this decision, it is not just enough to have four walls and a mattress to sleep on. We also recommend looking at other fundamental aspects such as: Location of the residence This is a […]

Study and work at the same time: how to organise yourself

Young people traditionally used to dedicate themselves solely to studying. However, more and more prefer to both study and work during their time at university, either to have greater financial freedom or to cover unforeseen expenses. This decision must be taken with care, since there is a risk of neglecting studies and as a result, […]

University study during COVID-19

Alumnos de la Universidad adatapdos al COVID.

Since its arrival, COVID-19 has changed the way we interact. For universities and students, this has been particularly challenging.  To avoid spreading the virus, most schools around the world closed their doors and switched to online education. For the first time, students and teachers faced the challenge of learning and teaching remotely.  And although there […]

How to make friends at university during COVID-19

Ideas para hacer amigos en la uni en tiempos de covid.

Some young people have always had a hard time making friends at university. With all the changes that come out of high school and into this new phase, it is normal to feel a little intimidated when meeting others. Now, on top of these difficulties, a greater one is added: COVID-19. To protect their health, […]