Student residences offer many opportunities to grow both academically and personally. It is very likely that this will be the first time you are so far away from your family, taking care of your own space as well as other aspects of your life. 

During this time, you will meet many people. You will make friends at university, as well as in the hall of residence. Even if you live alone in a studio room, you will meet other students every day in the corridors and common areas of the hall of residence. 

You will learn to live with people who are different from you; with other thoughts, customs and interests. You will experience moments that will leave you with lessons you will remember for the rest of your life. You will make new friends and even discover parts of yourself that you didn’t know before.

We’ll tell you all about what you can do and learn during your stay in our student residence below

You will attend events and workshops

At LIV Student, we offer different activities for residents every month. You can attend events, lectures and masterclasses where you will learn about different topics of interest to the student community. From arts, music and cooking to mindfulness to manage stress and improve mental health. 

These events will broaden your view of the world and leave you with new learning that you can apply to your daily routine. They are also an opportunity to socialise with other residents, listen to different opinions and make friends.

You will learn to be independent

In a student residence, your parents will not be there to call you for meals, remind you of your obligations or take you wherever you need to go. This is probably the first time that you will have to organise your activities so that you eat at a proper time and keep a diary so that you don’t forget your obligations.

You’ll face the outside world on your own – remember when Mum used to speak for you at the doctor’s or in front of any other adult? Well, now you will start to be your own representative and develop your own voice. 

This doesn’t mean you’ll be left on your own, as you can always contact one of our team in case of an emergency. You will have 24 hour concierge service, meals and room cleaning with change of sheets and towels. That will lighten the load.

You’ll be more responsible

Along with independence comes responsibility. As there will no longer be anyone to do your laundry and remind you what to do, it’s time to take control of your life and be more responsible. 

We recommend that you keep a diary with all your pending activities. Write down everything from university responsibilities to personal chores such as buying toothpaste or doing the laundry. This will help you to be more organised

Start keeping track of your finances

Living away from home, your parents will probably send you money to cover your personal expenses. And while having your own money may seem exciting at first, you’ll soon learn that you can’t spend it all on fun. 

So you’ll have to budget for: 

  • Outings with friends 
  • College supplies
  • Personal items like shampoo or bath soap 
  • Incidentals

This is the only way you will be able to keep your money for as long as you need it and not find yourself in a bind afterwards. Budgeting skills will come in handy in the future, because when you start working you will know how to use your money wisely.

You will have space for leisure and recreation

One of the advantages of living in a LIV Student residence is that there will be spaces for you to relax and have fun. In our facilities, you will be able to enjoy. 

  • Multimedia room
  • Games room 
  • Karaoke 
  • Terrace
  • Swimming pool

So whenever you need a break from the routine, you won’t need to leave the building. These spaces are designed to make you feel comfortable and make the residence your second home

In a shared flat or rented room, you will not have these comforts, so it is good to consider this before deciding where to live during your time at university

You will be able to study more comfortably

Nowadays, young people often go to a nearby café to study or do homework because they can’t concentrate at home. This happens because where they live, there are no spaces optimised to facilitate study. 

In contrast, in a student residence, the design of the study areas is paramount. In your room, you will have an uncluttered place equipped with a desk and ergonomic chair to help you stay focused. 

As part of the common areas, you will also find a study room with a large table and comfortable chairs for those days when you prefer to be surrounded by other students. You can even read a book on the terrace or by the pool if you prefer. 

There are many activities you can do in a student residence. It’s not just the most comfortable accommodation you’ll get, but all the experiences and learning you’ll gain.

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