After you have been accepted by the university, the next step is to find a good student residence to live in. In Spain, you will find different options. Each one with its pros and cons, as well as its own characteristics and particular things to offer.

Choosing between so many options can be difficult. Especially when you consider that this will be the place you will call home for months or years to come. To help you make the right decision, we will tell you which aspects you should consider before moving to any student residence.


The first thing that you cannot overlook is the location. From Monday to Friday, you will have to leave the residence to go to university, so the best thing is that the journey is comfortable and easy to take. You can choose between two options:

  • Student residences near campus: this location would allow you to walk to your faculty every day. It is the favourite choice for students who come from other cities and countries, as it allows them to feel safer while they become familiar with the new environment. 
  • Student residences near public transport: in case your university is a few kilometres away and you cannot walk there, you should be able to take the metro or a bus to get there.

At all costs, avoid residences that are not close to your university and that do not offer public transport routes that allow you to get there. Not only will you have a complicated routine, but you run the risk of being late for class.

Comfortable spaces

In a student residence, comfort is very important. You don’t want to sleep on a stiff bed or stay in a room so small that there is no room for your things.

To avoid surprises and disappointments, look at how large the rooms are and what amenities they include. A comfortable room should have a wardrobe, a bed, a desk with a study chair, and a private bathroom. And therefore it must measure at least 10 m². 


University students are usually online 24/7. Plus, with all the homework, reading, and projects you need to do for university, having a good internet connection is essential.

Therefore, another aspect that you should evaluate before moving is the internet connection speed. You can consult other residents through social networks or call the residence administration to find out what the characteristics of their wi-fi service are. 

Staff care

Something that university students often overlook when moving to a student residence is the treatment and attention offered by the staff in charge.

Keep in mind that these are the people responsible for listening to you and attending to your needs during your stay in the student residence. Therefore, your treatment can make the difference between a comfortable experience and an unpleasant one.

The correct thing is that the staff of the residences is trained to provide you with the care you need with kindness. And to verify this, we recommend that you take the time to talk with them during your first visit to the facilities. 

Dining service

For students, having canteen service is a great relief. Especially when finals season rolls around, as you will have very little time to cook three meals a day. 

In addition, having a dining room will allow you to save the money you would spend buying food in restaurants, bars or cafes. That is why we consider that this service is decisive for choosing or ruling out a student residence.

Laundry room

A good student residence has a laundry room for residents to do their laundry when they need it. This will save you the hassle of looking for and paying for an external laundry service.

High level of security

The student residence you choose must have 24-hour security personnel. This aspect is essential to feel that you are living in a risk-free place, and that your belongings and valuables are protected. 

For this reason, we suggest consulting the administration of the residences about the security systems they use and, above all, about the presence of security personnel. 


When you have covered the basic needs above, it is time to consider some characteristics that add extra points to tip the balance towards the best student residences in Spain. This includes facilities and common spaces, such as:

  • Rooftop
  • Pool
  • Study rooms
  • Multimedia and games rooms
  • Gym
  • Gardens

If the student residence you have chosen has these areas, we assure you that you have made the right choice. These spaces serve for the entertainment and leisure of residents. Plus, they’re great for clearing your mind, relaxing, and making friends.

At LIV Student, you will find all this and more. What are you waiting for to visit our student residences in Spain?

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