Starting university means a big change in your child’s lifestyle. To help ensure that the transition does not affect their academic performance, it is important to choose the right accommodation. Among all, student residences are one of the options that offers the greatest benefits and amenities. Find out why.

Living together

The student residences are located in the vicinity of the main universities and colleges of the cities. Therefore, those who live there do not have to run in the morning to get to classes early or take long routes on public transport.

Students prefer them because they can walk from there to their classrooms without rushing. This is especially convenient for students who are getting acquainted with the city and directions.

In addition, near the residences there are usually other points of interest such as cafes, bookstores and libraries, gyms, metro stations and bus stops. 

Another aspect that makes student residences more convenient than any other accommodation is their spaces. Each place, from the rooms to the common areas of the building, is designed to facilitate the day-to-day life of university students and meet their needs.

Your child will find study areas, a laundry room, cafeteria and dining room, gardens, and other areas there that they can visit when they need concentration or rest.

Needs being met

An important reason for sending your child to a student residence is the assurance that their needs will be met. It will have:

  • A private space to study in their room that includes a desk, a comfortable chair and a table lamp
  • A dining room where they will have all three daily meals 
  • A laundry room to wash their clothes
  • 24-hour security staff to keep them protected
  • Areas for rest and leisure
  • Cleaning service in charge of cleaning their spaces when needed

Unlike the hassle of rented apartments, here they won’t have to worry about cleaning, cooking, or paying utility bills. 

One rate, all inclusive

Another advantage that student residences have over rented flats is that it is not necessary to pay for electricity, water, heating, Wi-Fi and other services. Similarly, all the activities, workshops and events that take place in the building have no extra cost.

In the residences, all services are included, making it more comfortable and simple.

Accommodation options

Something that you cannot ignore is that most student residences offer different types of accommodation. Therefore, we advise you to check which ones are available in order to choose the most convenient for your child.

The most common types of accommodation are:

  • Individual studios
  • Double studios
  • Single room in shared apartment
  • Double room in shared apartment

Security and protection

If your child is moving house for the first time, providing security while adjusting to their new environment is essential. The good news is that the student residences have day and night surveillance, as well as systems that communicate with the authorities in the event of an incident.

New friends

Sending your child to a dorm means giving them the opportunity to socialise with other students and make new friends.

Residences are the favourite accommodation option for foreign students and those from other cities. For that reason, they are the perfect place to meet people from different cultures. There are even those who speak other languages, so living in a residence becomes a completely enriching experience.

Attentive and capable staff

By sending your child to a student residence, you will not be leaving them alone. Around them they will have a team of people trained in different areas who will be in charge of meeting their needs.

This is an important point for parents looking to find a haven for their children, rather than just a room.

Distraction-free environments

University life is often demanding and brings with it new responsibilities. At university, young people are faced with teaching methods they have not experienced before. At the same time, the amount of topics that they must read and memorise to pass the exams is much greater than during high school.

To face these new challenges, it is best to live in a distraction-free environment that has spaces that facilitate study and promote concentration.

In a student residence, it is easy to find all that, since the residents have a study space in their rooms, in addition to a common study room.

On the other hand, in a rented apartment, your child will not have those comforts. In addition, they would have to take care of cleaning and cooking, so their free time would be reduced even more. All these accumulated responsibilities combined with the lack of an adequate space to study could affect their academic performance.

All things considered, you will see that there is no better place than a student residence to send your child.

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