Finding a student residence in Granada is the first step to start your university life on the right foot.

To make this decision, it is not just enough to have four walls and a mattress to sleep on. We also recommend looking at other fundamental aspects such as:

Location of the residence

This is a key point that you cannot ignore: the location. The best thing would be that your residence is close to the campus or the faculty where you will study. This will allow you to move around on foot and arrive in a few minutes.

Otherwise, we suggest choosing a residence that is close to a metro station or a bus stop, so that you can take public transport to get there.

However, keep in mind that the closer your residence is to your university, the less rush you will have in the morning and the smaller your chances will be of being late.

It is also important to consider how noisy or busy the area is, as well as what premises and services are in its vicinity. The combination of these aspects will give you an idea of ​​how comfortable it is to live there.

Type of university residence

You should know that you will find two styles of university residence in Granada. The first is the most common and is known as the traditional student residence. It offers single or double rooms for you to live alone or in the company of other students.

They are smaller, since they only focus on providing the comforts of a bedroom. However, some have a small kitchen equipped with a microwave and refrigerator; in addition to a desk and study chair.

The second is the apartment-type residence that can have two or more rooms, one per occupant. These provide more space by including a small living room with furniture and a television, and they even have a dining area.

To choose which is the most suitable for you, think about whether you would like to live alone or share space with others. In addition, it is good to take into account how much space you need to feel comfortable, as well as the rental costs that each option implies.

Cafeteria and common dining room

University students often have little time to cook. Especially when the final exam period comes around. That’s why residences with cafeterias and a communal dining room should be at the top of your list.

When you don’t have time or the desire to cook something, you will always have the option of visiting the dining room and helping yourself to the menu of the day. Thus, you can save time and feel more comfortable during your stay at the residence.

Another alternative is that the university residence is close to some restaurants where you can eat in case of trouble or fatigue. The main disadvantage of this is that you would have to spend a little more money.

Atmosphere in the student residence

Each university residence is characterised by an atmosphere or a certain type of environment. Some are quiet and calm, ideal for studying; while others tend to be more driven by social events.

For that reason, we recommend that students visit the residences before making the decision. Or, consult the opinions of the students who live there on social networks.

Security level

You will have some belongings and valuables in your residence, so it is essential to feel safe and confident that they are in a good place. These basic security measures will help you choose the best option:

  • The main door of the building has an access control through which only residents can enter
  • Only you and your roommates have the key to the residence
  • Only you have the key to your room
  • If necessary to do so, the residence staff requests permission to enter the residents’ rooms
  • The cleaning service only enters the residence when it is allowed, or failing that, by prior agreement

Common facilities

Each university residence building is different, so each has its own special aspects. Some have common rooms for watching TV, studying, or playing games. Others include gardens, a roof terrace, or a pool for residents to relax. You will even find university dorms with a gym.

Therefore, knowing the common spaces that you can enjoy during your stay can make the difference between choosing one residence or another.

We recommend prioritising those residences that offer common facilities that match your interests and tastes. For example, if you like to exercise, a gym is an excellent plus, while if you prefer to socialise and meet new people, games and karaoke rooms could be your priority.

In conclusion, to choose a good residence for students in Granada, you must be clear about the lifestyle you want to lead, as well as the comforts you would like to have available. Once you have it clear, choosing a residence will be very simple.

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