The most prestigious and renowned universities are distributed among the main cities of the country. That is why, when the time comes to begin university studies, many young people decide to move to another city.

With this decision, many plans, changes and expectations arise. It is normal to feel uncertain about what is to come, but we assure you that it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Here’s what you can expect from studying at university in another city:

You’ll get to know more of your home country 

Studying in another city will give you the opportunity to learn a little more about your home country. You’ll also be surprised to learn that the locals have different perspectives, customs and activities than in your home city.

Even without leaving the country, it’s an enriching experience where you’ll enjoy landmarks, natural wonders, museums and other points of interest. You will feel like a tourist without having to cross borders.

Learn to be more independent

Moving to a new city is a great boost to your independence. This time your parents won’t be there to help or guide you, at least not physically, so you’ll have to start fending for yourself. This experience will build your security, self-esteem and self-confidence.

You will discover new interests

The more developed cities where the well-known universities are located are often also the ones that offer the most activities and things to do. As a result, you will be able to explore new interests that you might never have discovered at home.

Perhaps you’ll discover a new talent or passion such as sports, painting, hiking or skiing. The possibilities are endless. You may also enjoy other forms of entertainment such as theatre, dance or concerts.

You will make lasting friendships  

By moving to a new city, you will meet other young people from different backgrounds. You won’t be the only one leaving your small town to attend the best universities. Therefore, it is common to meet people from other towns and countries. Especially in the capital.

Many of the friendships you will make at university will last for many years. Some of your friends may even be important avenues for future networking.

You will broaden your view of the world

Living in another city, meeting people from different backgrounds, studying at a competitive university, participating in different activities… All of this will broaden your view of the world. You will further develop your sense of curiosity and interest, as well as respect, tolerance and your ability to work in a team.

You will have better job opportunities  

There is a good chance that, upon graduation, your new city will offer you more job opportunities than your home city. This is because capital cities and more developed cities tend to have more job opportunities.

Therefore, studying at university in these cities and living there for a while will give you a competitive advantage over others coming from less developed cities.

Where to stay when studying at university

When coming from another city, one of the most recommended accommodation options are student residences. They are especially suitable for those who do not know many details about the city where they will begin their university studies. Above all, aspects such as:

  • In which neighbourhood it is most convenient to live
  • How to take public transport to get to the university.
  • Where to go grocery shopping
  • Where or how to pay for utilities

Student residences make the adjustment process much easier because they offer all the services you would need. All in one place. Meals, full services, laundry facilities, comfortable rooms, spaces adapted to the needs of the students and even areas for leisure and entertainment.

While you get to know the city and get into the local lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about the responsibilities that come with other accommodation. Cleaning, cooking, changing sheets and towels are tasks that will be taken care of by the residence staff.

In addition, the student residences are located a few streets away from the main universities, close to metro and bus stations. Their privileged position facilitates the residents’ transport and places them in the busiest areas for young people in the city.

This will make your daily routine much more pleasant and comfortable, since you won’t have to wake up so early to get there on time. Another advantage of student residences is that they will give you the opportunity to meet many people and make friends who also come from other cities and countries.

In conclusion, if you want to have a good memory of your university years, we recommend you to live in a student residence. Do it at least during your first year, which is usually the most difficult and challenging, and you will thank us forever.

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