Barcelona is one of the busiest university cities in Spain. Every year, more than 20,000 young people from other countries come to the city to continue their university studies. Thousands more also come from other cities in the country.

What makes Barcelona so attractive to students? There are many reasons! The lifestyle, the cultural diversity, the study opportunities… Being a student in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience.

If you are planning to come to study in this city, you will be delighted to hear about all the things you will come to learn and enjoy over the next few years.

You will be part of an international community

As we mentioned, Barcelona attracts thousands of students every year. This gives you the opportunity to meet other young people with different cultures and lifestyles than your own. Even with a different language.

The exchange of ideas and ways of thinking will make you more open to diversity. It will also increase your tolerance and respect for what is unfamiliar to you.

Another advantage of being part of this international community is to expand your network. In the medium to long term, having friends in another city or country could help you get a new job, for example. Especially if you share study areas and fields of work with them.

You’ll study at top universities

Barcelona has some of the best universities in Spain. If your plan is to have an outstanding degree, you’ll probably love studying at the University of Barcelona or the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Both are in the top 200 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings. Other renowned universities in the city include:

  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Pompeu Fabra University
  • ISM-ESIC Business and Marketing School
  • ESADE Business & Law School
  • IESE Business School

You will be able to stay and practice your profession

Unlike other university cities, Barcelona also offers a good job market and employment opportunities of all kinds. Therefore, it could be a good option to stay and practice your profession after you finish your studies.

You will have a home away from home

Barcelona is a city that welcomes everyone. The charismatic people, the sun, the beach, the university life and full of entrepreneurs, startups, businesses and companies that give life to the city will enchant you.

Before long, you’ll feel so at home that you’ll start to love it as much as you love your home. You’ll even start to miss it when you’re far away.

Barcelona is a city for innovators

This is one of the cities with the most startups in Europe. In 2018, these businesses raised more than €800 million, so Barcelona is the ideal place if you plan to be an entrepreneur after finishing your university studies.

You’ll learn at least one new language

As the capital of Catalonia, Catalan is the official language of Barcelona along with Spanish. As a result, you will see advertisements in Catalan on the streets and hear other people speaking it. You will inevitably start to become familiar with a few words and if you put some effort into it, you will probably end up speaking a little Catalan.

On the other hand, Barcelona is such an international city that English is another of the languages that its inhabitants tend to master. There are even universities and business schools that teach classes in English to attract a foreign audience.

If you are interested in learning to speak English, we recommend you investigate the courses offered by some schools. This is a great city for improving and practising your English.

Scholarships are available

In Barcelona, universities offer scholarship programmes every year. These are excellent opportunities to get funding for your studies and even finish your degree for free if you meet the requirements.

One of the best known programmes is the CEU Merit Programme offered by the CEU San Pablo Foundation. Keep up to date with the institution’s announcements to apply for the next call for applications.

There is always room for entertainment

As one of Spain’s most important and lively capitals, in Barcelona there will always be an event to attend, a restaurant to visit and an attraction to see. The city’s cultural agenda is constantly changing, so you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of events during your years of study.

In addition, there are several points of interest in the city that you will never tire of visiting. Las Ramblas, Park Güell, the markets, the beach… Boredom will be left behind the day you move to Barcelona.

As a student in Barcelona, you will live many experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. Are you ready?

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